international schools in hosur

“Education is that whole system of human training within and without the school walls, which moulds and develops men.” – W. E. du Bois

About Zee School

Litera Valley Zee School is one of the Hosur's good schools and its located in a unique site. Welcoming the day scholars; to a school which is occupied and energetic which is established here and lives in the continuing estimations of the liberal convention.

Litera Valley Zee best schools in hosur's training substructure has a great lure with understudies from Hosur and those who go to class here. The framework is managed by the Department of Education and the Department of Business - Innovation and Skills.

Discover another type of School in Hosur, one where researchers, specialists, and architects get together and oppose tradition bring about a positive change. In Hosur, our school has a top commendatory position in its area amongst the most dynamic and various urban communities on the earth.

Since our establishment in 2010, Litera Valley Zee School has regrouped the limits of scholarly and visionary idea and has an immense scholastic focus. Our exhaustive, multifaceted system deteriorates dividers amongst orders and aids dynamic personalities. At our school, understudies have the scholastic ability to mould their unique ways for a rapidly changing world.

With a dedicated staff force, who aim to create understudies who will influence the world and comprehend the most pressing social issues of our opportunity.

Litera Valley Zee School attained something beyond merely directing the understudies. The school prepares them for their entire lifetime – discovering relational abilities, self-discipline and regard for themselves, their companions and their reality. The school renders an educational module in the key learning sectors – English, arithmetic, investigations of society and nature, science, expressions, Dialects Other Than English (LOTE), innovation, well-being and physical instruction.

In Hosur, understudies will experience a variety of learning conditions that is as expressly enhancing as it is instructive, which builds up the good abilities and best qualities needed in an evolving world.

Delivering thought pioneers

Litera Valley Zee School educational modules set the students for the future. Our schools want to create an environment that turns the understudies into capable, fun-loving, academically capable students – with the perspective that gives every one of them the abilities, learning and capacities to grow in a globalized world. From Kindergarten to Year 12, Litera Valley Zee School focuses on providing value to each understudy, and taking a stab at brilliance in every aspect of training.

Showing styles and evaluation strategies

A variety of showing strategies are being used, including: educator coordinated learning, understudy investigate, aggregate ventures and introductions, visual introductions, e-learning and intelligent classrooms. An assortment of evaluation strategies is utilized to survey understudy results. These may require individual research ventures, aggregate assignments, oral and visual introductions, the utilization of innovation including PowerPoint, podcast or vodcast introductions, and the more conventional class tests and assignments. National and state testing programs guarantee measures kept up.